A spouse who is left behind in the middle of a waltz without a partner...a baby whose lullaby was never sung....

Whenever you thank a doctor for being there for you and later fondly remember how he/she helped you or your loved ones are these people ever remembered? These happen to be the doc's family...who get left behind when the doc jumps out of bed in the middle of the night to answer an emergency call...who sacrifice the smile from life's precious moments so that the doc can put it on his/her patients' faces...


It is absurd to think that my patients should remember the sacrifices my kids made( the stories I have not read. the good night kisses I didn't give, the school concerts, I had to leave half way), when I worked as a doctor.
It was my choice, it was my career. Why should my patients feel grateful to my kids, when I am the one who wanted to be a doctor?
Likewise, do I have to remember the sacrifices my cab driver's wife makes, so her husband can drive the cab for 16 hours? Or is it that, driving me safe from point A to B is not as honourable as a doctor's job?
A doctor does his job, like everyone else. There isn't anything special about it. he is trained to heal, just like someone is trained to drive/cook/clean whatever. Each does his /her job.
Tinkerbells said…
Hey, sarah !!!! great to see u here...well, I consider all jobs honourable...but emergencies in most other jobs are far less than in a doctor's...for example, I can choose not to work for a day and work more the next day...but in a doc's job there r no luxuries of postponment or undo button..that's what i feel...

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