Corporate Weirdos - Part 4

Recently sighted a species in the corporate jungle whom I shall name the 'Child Adult' (CA).
The distinguishing character of a CA is extremely childish behaviour in very adult like situations. They have an excessive attention seeking disorder too. Whether it be in office, in meetings or in corporate parties these CAs indulge in childish squeaks, moans and pranks to draw attention to themselves. In office, they usually hover around the boss's desk with no specific purpose than to waste their time, the boss's time and everytime else's time. They are the ones to whimper to the boss that seniors are being insensitive. (Its another matter that their expectations of sensitive behaviour exceed that of a child from a mother. Being sensitive to a CA means not getting frustrated about their screw-ups in work despite accepting all their pranks with a smile, and even accompanying them for lunch as soon as they are hungry and no, they won't go alone as "I don't like to eaaaaaat aloneeee")

They will break into a song and dance when everyone around is having a serious discussion. (well, not quite, but you get the idea, right?)
They will get into silly bets with the boss (and mind you, only with him as the idea is to capture his attention and not to have fun) - like how many drinks they can gulp down in one sitting in a party (though they are very sure they can’t handle more than a sip) and then behave in the silliest possible manner.

Yea, and if all else fails, and no one is paying them any attention they will go into a remote corner and have a “I have suffered a major loss in life in the past few minutes” expression so that sooner or later an innocent and considerate senior will ask “Oh, what happened to you?” and then conversation will again revolve around them.

My advice to these CAs when I am in a condescending mood is “Always remain child-like but never childish” and when they really get on my nerves I mutter under my breath “Grow up or get lost”

After all, my firm is not running a crèche, for God’s sake !!!


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