Life is full of them. ..big, small, important, trivial, life altering, forgotten-the-next moment, or sometimes even so very obvious ones that you don't even consider it as a choice but more as a default next step. But the unpredictability of the future makes choices quite exciting. I mean so many times in hindsight a choice that I have made with apprehension had turned out to be the right one and vice versa. And different people use different ways to finalise on a choice - sometimes the brain decides, sometimes the heart does and sometimes both (and ofcourse there are times when the choices are quite spontaneous and hence neither brain nor heart contributes to the choice :P). And the best part (or worst depending on whether you are an optimist or pessimist) is that you never know what lies at the end of the road not taken ....
So why am I suddenly analysing so much? Well, I am at crossroads and don't know which choice to make :(


Leo said…
So well said, especially the road not taken, analogy.
Tinkerbells said…
thanks leo...I've often wondered "what if..?" about the alternate choices I never took.
alex said…

How does one decide if a choice is right or wrong? Based on the outcome.

And can we possible predict the outcome when we make a choice. I think not. We do what we feel is right.

Life is a paraphernalia of people and events which are closely and loosely connected. Out of which, we have the most and only control on ourselves.
Tinkerbells said…
yea alex we do what we feel is right...but never know whether that was the right's true we have the maximum control on ourselves....but sometimes other people's choices affect us very strongly...and that's what puzzles me !!!

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