Being Vulnerable...

...that's a major side effect of being married. I have heard a lot of people say that motherhood makes you vulnerable...But now I've realized that marriage has the same effect, may be to a lesser degree. Your thoughts, actions and reactions are all vulnerable to the hopes, dreams, aspirations, pleasures and pain of your loved one...especially pain. It jus incapacitates you - the very thought that your loved one might be in pain.
And that makes you act in funny ways - like asking the doctor a hundred times and then once more "Is everything ok with him/her?" , then trying to pamper your loved one to the point of irritation, then getting irritated at yourselves for not being able to do something more useful and sensible to handle the situation better and finally just thanking GOD - for keeping your loved one with you... for not snatching him away...


hey mashey
senti aayallo ???
"get well soon"---->kumar...


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