Will You See Me Tonite?

...Or tomorrow morning, or the next day evening or whenever you try , will you be able to see me?Not if you are in India...'cos the Indian government has ordered internet service providers to block access to all blogspot sites and few other blogs too....As someone who has not even had parental curfews in childhood, I just abhor this....Why should someone else dictate what you or I do?Especially when it is as harmless as expressing my opinion...I am not curbing anyone's freedom by doing it...so why is the government curbing mine?I do not know....
Initially, as most other bloggers, even I thought probably my office network administrator just got stricter, then I tried from home..and no luck...asked friends...still no luck...but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it was the government's handiwork....until I heard it in the news!!!
But the sad part is it's been quite some days now, and still despite a lot of hue and cry within the blog world and some in mainstream media, there has been no change in the situation ...I thought the blog world was more powerful than that...Forget novices like me, but there are stronger voices out there, right?
Well, on a lighter note, if I put aside the theoretical vehemence against clipping my wings, practically nothing has changed....so what if you can't see me at icefurnace < . > blogspot < . > com....I am always around (like dear old Superman :P)...jus a different address you have to come to me or any of your favorites in the blog world via pkblogs < . >com / * <.> blogspot < . > com......
And perhaps that's why the uproar is not strong enough to produce results...afterall, life goes on even with a change in URL address....we all anyway change addresses several times in our life...


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