When I Die...

I shall meet you on the beaches, mate,
Where the passionate waves of love
Thrash relentlessly against sand grains of hate.
Where time and space hold no meaning
We shall reach out to each other....

We've met many eclipses before,
On this very shore !!!

But we shall venture beyond...
Not stop and turn back like before,
Burnt by the scorching heat of hatred.

We shall move forward hand in hand
And let the water douse the fire

Like kids, in miracles we shall believe,
And walk over the oceans
In search of rainbows and magic potions!


b v n said…
nice one tinker bells !

btb what is the magic potion for,i would rather search for rainbows and lost ships :-)
Tinkerbells said…
thnks bvn...majic potion..well maybe a la krishh???:)
Vishnu said…
Nice poem! Got here thru Nikhil's blog.

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