When Joy Wraps You in its Blanket...

... you sit back and enjoy it ! And that's precisely what I have been up to in the recent past. We had an amazing vacation where we covered London, Scotland and Western Ireland. Detailed descriptive posts shall follow soon. We also celebrated 11 years of togetherness - no easy feat, but we've done it and we are proud, happy and thrilled that we did ! There shall also be a post on that soon...

Tomorrow the new academic year starts and I have taken on a new challenge to provide a different lunch box every day. Till last year, I used to send the same lunch every day - either bread sandwich or veggie pulao or rice mixed with curd. My son is a foodie, but no matter how creative I am with the lunch box, he prefers to play during lunch break than eat :) ..Over time, this made me stick to just the above 3 easy to prepare items. However, this year, I am going to take it as a challenge - on a best case case scenario, my son will eat his lunch and on a worse case scenario, at least my culinary skills will improve.

As my younger one starts formal schooling in a year, all the worries (plus some more) that accompanied me six years back are still haunting me - how will school treat her, how will she treat school etc are all running in an endless loop in my head. On one end of the spectrum are extremely traditional rote learning schools and on the other end you have several 'new age' schools which are high on philosophy and low on execution. I am torn between the two and this has been added to my list of 'Things I Hate About the City I Live In'...

Still, overall I am in a very happy place right now and I am not letting go of that blanket of joy any time soon !


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