The Year That Was...

For the first time in my life, I was quite hesitant to write this post. Throughout my adult life, I have made some very curious choices. Sometimes I have let my heart guide me, and at other times I have allowed my head to guide me. In both cases, sometimes the path I took worked out and sometimes it didn't. However, when things went wrong - I found it far easier to forgive myself, pick up the pieces and march on, when the decisions were guided by the heart. Was it 'cos I could justify it to myself saying "Oh, well, I was anyway being an emotional fool !" ? I am not sure. It is far tougher when a decision taken with your head, results in an undesirable outcome. 'Cos then you have to question not just the outcome, but the process itself - and its scary ! And boring ! And cowardly too ! 

So, if there is one life lesson I will carry with me to my grave from 2016, it is this - Always, always, always follow your heart ! Even if the entire universe tells you you are on a wrong path, and even if time tells you they were all right after all, it is great to be pig headed. After all, it is much better to be pig-headed than to be a human with a bleeding heart. 'Cos a punctured heart bleeds like a pig !  

There was nothing great about 2016, but at least I still have the wall to paint another picture. The broad fundamentals are all still in place - family, health, insurance, money for basic needs, a roof over my head, food on the table et al. The raison d'etre is there - the What and the How may need to change, but that's a possibility as long as the Why is unshaken. 

And as long as the seed is fine, a mighty tree can still grow from it. And I am eternally grateful for that. Like I mentioned elsewhere, here is to life's experiences that teach valuable lessons !!!


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