As The Years Roll By...

I was browsing through a stationery store the other day and was surprised to see 2017 diaries on the aisles ..and then it stuck me that the year is winding down to a close.

Browsing through my old posts I realized that I have been posting my New Year Resolutions and their reviews for close to ten years...I also realized that there are dreams which are more than ten years old, which haven't come true yet..Some of them of course have lost their charm - we change after all !

But, instead of framing any new resolutions, I decided to spring clean my dreams and the ones which are still shining in my heart - I will try to make them happen in 2017.

Travel - This has been a great passion of mine, and I have seen quite a few places in the past years. But, Venice, Leh and Switzerland still remain dreams. I hope next year, I can do at least a couple of these places.

Declutter and Styling - Yes, I have cleaned out a large portion of my house, but there are few areas pending. Hubby enjoys living in a pig sty, so unlike travel, this is going to be even more a challenge. But, hopefully, I can get those balcony chairs, kids' wallpapers and a rationalized wardrobe sooner than later !

Knowledge - Yes, I have been dying to learn to solve the Rubik's cube, learn a new language, learn a musical instrument, learn to solve crosswords, Finance, Vedic Mathematics...the list is endless..Hopefully a few of them will get ticked off in 2017.

Another long cherished dream is to write a book - but I don't see it happening in 2017...maybe in 2018, I will give it a shot.

My younger one has started school and I am excited ! More about that later...


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