Strange are the Ways of the World !

I wrote my previous post from a place of deep agony…But it did throw up some amazing insights into how humans behave…Yes, adversity is a great teacher after all ! Some of my loyal blog readers reached out to me – no surprises there.

But, the depth of understanding that each of them showed surprised me. It was not the usual (not usual by them, but in general how people react to someone’s sadness) combination of sadistic curiosity that often gets wrapped as concern. That pseudo concern gets manifested as a statement in the lines of “Don’t worry, what happened? oh it happens to everyone, we all take decisions we are not comfortable…please move on” or some combination of this…

But each of the people who reached out to me perfectly understood my pain, gave me space, reassured me, and held me in their arms (albeit remotely !).
Here is a heartfelt thank you to each of you …Your kindness in my moment of grief means a lot to me…

Sadly, despite having both sides of my family in the same city, not a single soul from the city stood by me in my moment of agony…Not just that, there are the usual demands on my time and energy – with scant regard of what I might be going through!  

As an adult, I believe in being responsible for my own decisions and hence I have kept the intense agony that this has caused me, deep inside my heart…I am carrying on my normal life in a desperate attempt to ‘fake it till you make it’ …But, I am also human…and there is only so much that a rubber band can stretch…

Sometimes, the sheer selfishness of people never cease to surprise me! And sometimes the sheer selflessness of people never cease to surprise me ! 

P.S While we are on the topic of how strange the world is, I must also mention how lousy I am feeling that I can't go to a temple...I am not extremely temple oriented, but this Navaratri my daughter is officially entering the world of knowledge...there is a Saraswati temple in my city that opens only 9 days a year...I wanted to go there with her...but deeply ingrained stupid norms prevent me from doing yet another thing that my heart deeply desires....I just sooo sooo hate this world !


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