I was pointing out something to my daughter in the super market aisle and the sales woman was surprised that she is a girl. Reason: "No earrings and short hair".

In the airport a complete stranger asks me whether the waiting area is for the flight to my home town and immediately proceeds to the next question, "So, which church do you go to ?" I am quite taken aback and respond that I am not a Christian, and she clarifies " You are not wearing a bindi".

In a professional context, I am told "You may think x, but you need to speak y".

All of the above makes me wonder how important posturing is...

My baby girl's hair has a natural spike and everyone comments "Oh, girl with a spike!". The stress is invariably always on the 'girl' and not on the 'spike' ... (I hate it that I am somehow unable to upload her picture on blogger)

Breaking stereotypes is not easy, and some say its not worth it...But progress can only happen when mental horizons expand.. Stretching the limits is always painful, till the new dimensions become the norm !

And I am truly happy I have a son and a daughter ... At least no one can say "If it were a son, you would have behaved differently" or "If it were a daughter, you would have behaved differently"

Sometimes, the prize to pay for taking a stand is high...but, I'd still rather take a stand. After all, I love to define my circumstances than let circumstances define me.


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