The Year That Was..

This post should ideally have been completed latest by yesterday, but I just couldn't get that 5 minutes to myself - and that pretty much describes the year that was...It was a year of unsung and unappreciated sacrifices and back breaking (literally) hard work....

I gave more of myself to family than I ever thought capable of - and still was occasionally branded as selfish...

I have also realized the importance of being at the right place at the right time - I couldn't and it has proved costly !

The highlight of the year of course was my baby - though I am now even more conscious of what I do with my life - I don't want her to ever feel that women are better caregivers ! (that's the biggest disservice ever done to women - pseudo appreciation before killing their dreams :(. It is a vicious cycle - the wife is forced to take care of family, kids then feel my mom was the best as they don't even know how dad would have performed same role , thus when they grow up, they again insist that it is best for kids and elderly if the woman takes on that role! )

There were no major trips the past year and I am still struggling with the jigsaw pieces to create that perfect picture - the thing with life is that there are several pieces and you can use the ones you want to create the picture you want - but you have no way of knowing whether another picture with another set of pieces would be more beautiful !

I was in a roller coaster and I couldn't reach out to certain friends whom I wanted to hold hands with when they were struggling in theirs - I feel ashamed !

Biggest learning of the year - time and money if available in infinity, choice becomes redundant ! Since both are available only in limited quantities, it is important to choose wisely !

Peace was elusive in 2014 - so was sleep. The sleep is slowly returning. As far as peace goes, I don't know if I will find it in 2015 ..but that is fodder for the next post...


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