The Posts that Never Get Written

There are several posts that keep floating in my head, but never get written. A few others lie as drafts in my blogger page with just a couple of lines written...Here is a list of broken thoughts floating in my head currently.

The P Factor

I had been forced to introspect quite a bit recently due to the availability of a lot of time on my hands and I realised that  my life was sorely missing the P factor - Passion. I had stopped being passionate about anything and was just drifting past, feeling helpless and lost. Well, I have now decided to take life by its horns and make the best of what I can given my constraints on space (read location) and time. One long pending wish of having a TV in the bedroom has now become a reality. Now, I need to make sure that I watch atleast 2 movies a week with hubby !


Last year, one major regret was that I couldn't celebrate birthdays in style. Recently, I celebrated mom's 60th birthday and son's 5th birthday - both with birthday parties. For a person who doesn't really enjoy parties, I really did enjoy all the excitement around both. The fact that hubby took care of the organizing bit completely ensured that I could focus on just having fun...though for my mom's birthday, I was still under the weather and wasn't quite rocking the floor. By the time it was son's turn I did recover quite a bit and managed to cook 3-4 dishes for the traditional sadya. Quite an improvement, considering I was out of the kitchen for the last 1 month.

'Play With Me'

This has been the constant refrain in my house for the past couple of days, as Onam vacations have started and my child is bored all the time. Sometimes, it gets to such a state of frenzy that I wish I had taken time out to play with hubby and create a playmate for the son.

Being an Author

For the loving readers who still stop by this blog - what prompts you to spend money on buying a book? Do delurk and drop a comment - please , please , pleasssseeee...



Anonymous said…
1. Really Good Reviews, or it's from an author I like.
2a. Want to keep it with me for more than a one time read. (Else there's the library)
2b. Want to gift it to someone.


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