Resolutions ...

I have a crazy habit of making lists - both in Excel as well as in paper ...The other day, I noticed that my desktop was overflowing and in an attempt to clean it up, noticed something that I had jotted down at the beginning of the year:
1.       Prioritize happiness
2.       Prioritize hard work
3.       Exercise daily
4.       Embrace change
5.       Create possibilities
And I was amused ! I did prioritize hard work, because I believe nothing - not even genius - can be a substitute for it...
But, everything else still needs a lot of work...I am trying to prioritize happiness, but the moot question is whose happiness? I read somewhere recently that in a marriage you should work as a team and not compete with each other - easier said than done ! I am running a race with one leg tied to hubby and the other tied to my kid - and most married people are doing this...And this is true for the other members also - even hubby has one leg tied to me and the other tied to our kid...(Notice the change from 'my' to 'our' kid - yep, it is all a matter of perspective)...Net result being - we are in a circle and we are hopping together in some direction - God knows where ! So, far from competing with each other, what we are trying to do is to make sure we don't get on each other's nerves so that at least the hopping becomes a fun filled exercise in itself !!!
Exercise Daily - the only thing that gets any exercise is my vocal cord in the morning - when I try to ensure that at least two of the three hoppers are outside the house by 8:30...
Embrace Change - I did embrace change, but I have still not reached that blissful state in the embrace where you forget that you are in the arms of the other and just blend in...I am meanwhile trying to experiment with life in small bits and pieces - trying out a different menu each day, feeding a stray dog (yep, needs a post of its own - there is a long history between me and dogs) and joining an art class !
Dilemma of the Day: There are a lot of friends that I want to talk to, but there is nothing interesting to update them with - in fact, I am thinking of at least 3-4 of them every day, but still the distance between the thought and the phone seems too far to cross - this leads to a lot of mental discomfort - one part of my mind wants to talk, the other doesn't - hmmm...
Some days, work takes close to 16 hours a day, other days only 4-6 hours - why then are we having fixed work days, which are a legacy from the industrial era?


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