Life Lessons for My Son...

Some time back I wrote a letter to my son as he entered formal schooling. I have now transported him to a city which is known for being conservative...And every day I worry about whether he would grow up to be a typical prototype of the city...

So here is a letter to you my son, to guard you against what the city can do to you...

1. There are always several rights - and no one is ever right always.
2. There might be only one fact, but there are several ways to interpret it
3. If there are 10 dishes in the sink and you wash 2, expecting your partner to do the remaining, then you are being lazy and irresponsible as an adult. Let no one ever fool you into thinking that you are a great and supportive partner, just because your gender lets you get away with it !
4. Faith comes in several forms - none is better than the rest. Public displays of faith is unnecessary.
5. Respect also comes in several forms. Following cultural norms makes life easier for everyone, but never let anyone bully you into doing any ritual that you do not want to...
6. While we are in the topic of bullying, always stand up for someone who is being bullied - either because of their age, gender or otherwise...
7. Hold on to your principles, but do not ever try to judge others by your yardstick. Tolerance is a great virtue !
8. Your career is your decision; some careers are easier and more lucrative than others. Make an informed choice.
9. Your partner is your choice; some choices are easier for us (me and dad) to digest, but let that not be a guiding factor...For once, let your heart rule...Trust me, when everything else goes wrong, at least your heart will still murmur 'I still want to make this work !'
10. Last, but not the least - in a party, talk to both genders - your mental horizons will widen and you will have more fun !

Do not let this city or your loved ones, ever make you forget any of this...

Love & Hugs,


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