...are often overlooked. The other day, I had a real tough time at work. This combined with pre-existing issues, drove me to the point of tears...I usually use the elevator as the transition point - the elevator to my work place is when I prioritize work over family in the mornings and the elevator in my apartment helps me switch back to being mom...On a really tiring day at work, I do a silent prayer to grant me patience as I enter home...

My son rushes to me with a smile everyday when I reach home...Yesterday though, as soon as he rushed into my arms, he took one look at my face and asked with genuine concern "Amma, what happened? Are you not well? Were you crying?" and with these words, the poor thing almost started having a meltdown himself. By which time I realised that as long as there are people who can be driven to the point of genuine tears, just because they think something is upsetting long as that is there, life is still very much worth living....the rest doesn't matter...I had a great day !!!


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