The Potteress' Wheel

Once upon a time, long long ago, there lived a potteress who was really good at what she did...Everyone admired her work and she epitomised 'work is worship'....Till one day, she decided to use two wheels simultaneously instead of one...She was creating something unique in one wheel - her personal masterpiece and she used the other wheel to churn out pieces according to customers' demands - after all her skill was unparallelled and she got a good price for her efforts....Her personal masterpiece was a huge project which would not be completed in several years and hence she could never monetise it...Unfortunately, she soon realised that if she had to do a great job and make her dream masterpiece come true, then she needed to spend her entire focus on it...which means she will have hardly any time to attend to the other wheel...But, if she didn't attend to the other wheel, she would not get the money to buy raw materials for her masterpiece...She wondered, what do I do now?


Go for the personal masterpiece.
Tinkerbells said…
Lol anu, I never thought the story was that obvious ....On another note, I am quite done with making a heap of all my efforts, throwing it in the dustbin and then starting all over again ....How have you been ?

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