On Top of the World

Am feeling on top of the world! I just received a courier by office mail, and opened it expecting some official communication…But my boss/friend had sent me a book and a magazine. I read a lot, but never buy books – I am the kind who would rather pay the cost of the book (or in many cases even more) to the library in terms of lending fee, but never spends the money to buy a book…


However, I still love the smell of a new book…The first thing I do when I get a new book is to smell it…Ah, the pure bliss of knowledge!


At one point in my life, I wanted a huge library, but after getting associated with my coldly rational spouse who has feet firmly in the ground, I accepted that spending money on books that you won't read more than once and then stacking them up in a cupboard was a waste of money, time and even space.


But still, there is a child in me who gets thrilled on getting a gift! And gets super thrilled, when it is a book…after all, while peers were dreaming of being pilots and truck drivers, this child dreamt of being a bookshop owner!


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