Dazzling Dubai

Went for my first international trip with my baby....And thoroughly enjoyed it...We went for a week to Dubai...Had my lovely cousin there...Her entire family went out of the way to make us feel at home! My baby had a great time with her kids who were mature beyond their ages and played amazingly well with him...He also decided that he loves Pringles and kept gorging on them...We went for a desert safari and I realized that nature holds her poetry even in a so called 'barren' desert...Saw the Dubai mall and the Emirates mall...didn't shop much though...Met a very dear friend who had gone through some rough patches in life, but now seems happy...I hope she stays that way for the rest of her life...
The biggest positive aspect about the trip was that I realised how my kid has grown up and is now ready to spend a lot of time by himself...This has renewed my confidence in travelling with him and has also given me enough courage to make some much overdue changes in my life...If everything goes as planned, I will soon be more positive and happy and finally lead a life that I had dreamed of nearly six years back when I first got my job and was still misty eyed about the whole world !
Someday, when I have more money in hand, I will go back to Dubai and shop to my heart's desires!


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