Traveling with Kids

The past couple of days I have been feeling like a child whose entire class has gone on a picnic. My team has gone on an offsite to Goa, and because I decided on earning some brownie points with my mom, I decided to stay back. I really wanted to get some meetings organized on my work front, but that hasn't worked out as I planned. This has left me feeling sour. A tentative plan for a weekend getaway seems likely to get shelved thanks to maid problems at home.


I am still getting used to the idea of traveling with a child. My son is quite an easy baby when it comes to travel. The only problem is my obsession that he eats well and follows a routine even when we are traveling. I myself don't stick to any kind of a routine while I travel and I am the kind who can go to even a foreign country without any hotel bookings. But somehow, with my kid I feel that I am being lazy if I don't stick to his schedule. And hence, travel has come to mean added work pressure…I wish I could come up with a system where travel with kid is more enjoyable…One way out is to be well prepared…But hubby believes in zero planning, which means I end up taking the added burden…I guess, I'll have to choose between working hard before the trip or working hard during the trip…


The friends whom I wanted to talk to in these couple of days seem to all share my wavelength. One of them read my blog as soon as I hit publish (that was coincidence) and promptly called me…another one called me out of the blue…and yet another mailed me after quite a gap…I strongly feel my thoughts traveled upto each of them…I am currently reading Brain Weiss and though I always believed in rebirth, I could not readily accept his books as facts…Has anyone of my readers read his books? What do you think of them?


I have also noticed that my blogging frequency has drastically reduced post kid, and I plan to change that…


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