Update !

Haven't blogged in a while now, except to use this platform as my crib space...And I have been missing this space as a platform to express my intelligent (:P) views on life as I see it...I have been busy otherwise, though...Hubby dear has passed his exams, baby is a year old (no longer a baby), and I am at that stage in my career when I want a change...
Thankfully, my firm is going in for a restructuring exercise and hopefully I'll be doing something different soon and that will satisfy my urge for variety :) ..I wonder why some of us are always looking for variety and change while others dread them and are quite happy with the status quo...
One of my biggest disappointments when i had my baby was that I'd be tied down for quite some time in one place...Ok, literally you could travel with a baby,and there are many who do it, but personally I wanted to be sure that my son has inherited our 'travel freak gene' before we subjected him to it...Parenting is the most challenging job on planet earth...
My friends are all on the path of having second babies - apparently there is an interesting trend called baby bunching...closely spacing your kids...think Madhuri Dixit and Julia Roberts ! well, hubby still hasn't recovered from baby blues and post partum depression yet :P , so that is still a loong way off for me !
There is still an itch to start something on my own...I thought I was over it, but seems my mind still thinks of possibilities ! My leisure time is mostly spent learning derivatives trading, though my biggest business idea is still a nimbu-pani shop a.k.a pettikkada . I wonder whether there has been some study conducted on why people work and what is the most common reason that has emerged !
My very own flat is ready to be occupied, and I am busy planning the interiors ...Its nice to have your own piece of sky, if not earth :) ...Is man a territorial animal?
I have activated my internet connection on my mobile and have decided to start tweeting ! Can someone tell me how to copy-paste while browsing using your mobile? Yeah,yeah I am a technological retard !
All in all, life is exciting and almost reaching the way I had dreamt it to be !


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