The other day my hubby jokingly defined independence as "in dependence" :P ...

How would you define it? How important is being independent in life? Where is the thin line between getting help and being dependent? How important is financial independence? Would you trust someone enough to be economically dependent on them?

So many questions...and no easy answers !

Tomorrow I am implementing a decision taken with my head...Usually my head and heart work in sync and on the rare occasions that they don't, I have always allowed my heart to rule and never regretted the decisions...This time around, I am giving my head a chance to prove its worth ! Signing off today, hoping my head doesn't disappoint me...


Anonymous said…
Is this about going back to work? I think,whatever you decide, it is the best one at this point! And you can always change your mind and go back to the other one if things don't go as planned. So, no need for regrets, either:)

-Meena chechi

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