LIfe's Like That - 11

Lady and baby went to hospital for the first set of immunization shots. While waiting for the nurse, hubby conveniently made his disappearance act.
Serious discussions were held on whether the medicines have to be combined into one shot or given as two separate shots. After what seemed like eternity, it was decided that two separate shots would be less painful. (Don't ask me why !).
Soon the nurse emerged with the syringe. The shots were administered, accompanied by loud wailing...Afterwards, lady received sweets from the nurse - afterall, the nurse was instructed to give sweets to the one who cries and not necessarily the one who receives the shots:P


Anu said…
Hmm ... tender-hearted Bells remains the same! :) Hope the double whammy has not left Sid troubled!
Tinkerbells said…
@anu: me and tender-hearted ? :P

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