...are the mother of all f!@# ups" My earlier boss used to say it every time we were close to messing up some work based on assumptions about the client's business...I couldn't agree more...It seems like such a universal phenomenon that each human being, each living and non-living creature, each situation is unique...Still, we all never stop assuming things...I am amazed by the number of times people assume causing unncessary waste of time and resources to correct situations...In personal life too I have innumerable such instances...
A typical example are my loving in-laws who keep forcing me to take back food from a party they host (which is very often), assuming that it will be easier for me to just heat it up and eat rather than cook...unfortunately neither hubby nor me enjoys it and ultimately it just ends up as extra work of throwing the food away, clearing the garbage, washing the dishes and ensuring all vessels are returned properly...No amount of communication has helped resolve this problem where my in-laws again assume that I am just being polite in refusing the food...Any creative suggestions to escape this dillemma are most welcome ! In fact, make that more generic...How do you tell a loved one that their assumptions about your life are wrong and you do not intend to change your lifestyle to suit their assumptions?


Slightly offbeat comment.
Indians have this problem of disliking NO.

You go to someone's place and you are NOT expected to say NO to say sweets the offer. Have li'l, would be what they would say, and however firm stand you take,you may end up having some.
Likewise, may be ILs expect you to be out of this world if you say, No I don't want this!
Tinkerbells said…
@nikhil : I agree. Infact I have come across numerous articles on indian culture written by expats where this issue is highlighted...It really seems to beat them why saying "no" is such a big problem !
btw, what's happened to the interview?

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