Why is it...

1. ...that we shop in huge malls and then step into their coffee shops to discuss "why huge retail chains should be banned to protect the smaller players" ?

2. ...that we think of ourselves as liberated, open-minded and tolerant individuals and then go ahead and promptly call others fundamentalists ?

3. ...that the most opinionated Indians with regard to the Kashmir issue have not only never been there, but haven't even spoken in person to anyone who has anything remotely at stake in the issue ? (this can be extended to all civil unrests and political dilemmas with a very murky and long-winded history anywhere in the world...if there is plenty of media statistics that can be interpreted in all ways possible, then all the more better)

4. ...that we promptly write a blog about friendship on friendship's day, India on Aug 15th, mom on mother's day, dad on dad's day , dog on dog's day (after all every dog has his day) and then go ahead and write yet another entry on why all these days are worthless and a reflection of how commercialised love/emotions/relationships are...(the last blog is usually reserved for Feb 14th, though I have never understood why)

5. ...that most often than not we open our mouths when it is better kept shut and vice versa?

P.S. the 'we' includes me...these days I feel human beings are a bunch of confused souls gropping in darkness and trying to describe an elephant which is not even around !!!


alex said…

This happens when the person is critical of his/her surroundings and not critical of him/her self.
Tinkerbells said…
@alex: yea, i call it double standards :)

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