There are Days...

...when you wish for

1. a rainbow in the sky
2. a smile from a random stranger
3. a cup of steaming coffee made especially for you by a loved one and not by a machine (you see, the latter just doesn't have the aroma of love)
4. an auto driver who shall ferry you without demanding excess fare/cribbing about your destination
5. a glimpse of what future has in hold for you
6. A dance in the rains with your soulmate
7. A trip to those special moments in the past (to enjoy it, once more...)
8. and most of all, wings - to fly back home (no, air deccan is still expensive:P)

I guess, it's the effect of the season, which makes all of us wish for a little bit of magic in our lives...

In this season of joy and celebration, I wish all of you 'May Your Dreams Come True'


MC said…
thanks a ton tinkerbells! i wish you the same this fantastic season..and may you never cease to dream!
Tinkerbells said…
@mc: Thanks Sir !!!
shruti said…
lovely .... transported me to a different world ...If live was not but for hope and dreams life wouldnt be life .. the fun is in the achieving and then moving on to the enxt victory !
Tinkerbells said…
@shruti: welcome to my blog!!! yea, we all love to move from victory to victory !!!

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