Food for Thought

In life, if you manage to do what you want, without giving a damn about other people, is it a sign of supreme self-confidence ("I am confident about my beliefs and actions, hence i'm not bothered about others")or is it a sign of absolute self-centeredness?("I'll do what I want, even if I have to hurt you in the process")

P.S Thought occured when a colleague remarked over dinner that if she could do whatever she wanted without thinking of others around her, she would consider it her greatest success, especially since she is a woman. And rebellious me just couldn't agree :P


rocksea said…
i think like many other girls of the same age, she has troubles with her definition on freedom, success, etc. most of those girls seems to be aching for freedom and we see some of them going out and doing something for the sake of it. of course there are non-sensical restrictions by the society. but what needed is a bit of tweaking here and there and to know how to manage it. with that, and keeping to what one think is god or bad, any woman or man can do what he or she wants.

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