Misplaced Trust...

... is a mutant of trust. .. a monstrous mutant. The most common result of misplaced trust is that you end up with burnt fingers... but that happens when the person whom you've trusted cheats you directly and you get to know of it. However, there is an indirect, and more harmful effect that misplaced trust can have. This is when your misplaced trust in a person (let's call him/her P - why P? 'cos I feel A,B,C and X,Y,Z have got enough limelight :P)) causes agony and anguish to others.

This occurs when P starts terrorizing those around you. And P derives the strength for this, from your trust on him/her. Works like this : P knows the extent of your trust, and so feels confident that you won't believe what other might tell you about his/her misdeeds. And what's worse, the victim also feels the same way and so never even bothers to tell you the incidents about which you are happily unaware of...until one fine day, the victim channels all the suppressed frustration and agony on you and decides to hate you instead of P. And you are left wondering what happened !!!
Meanwhile, clever P would have poisoned your mind against the victim. So, you console yourselves that, after all, the victim was not a very nice soul to begin with anyway and thank God for people like P who warn you sufficiently in advance!!!
End Result: Your relationship with the victim is spoiled beyond redemption and the misplaced trust continues...


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